• Vertical Type Indicator Post
Vertical Type Indicator Post

Type:wall type, vertical type
Material:cast iron
UL/FM approval

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    ● Indicates if the valve underground is the OPEN or Shut Position
    ● The indicator post provides the means of operating a buried or otherwise inaccessible valve
    ● The wrench handle fits over a "U" bracket on the barrel and may be fixed with a padlock to secure the operating wrench to the barrel
    ● Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and out
 Field Adjustment:
    ● Remove the top section of the upper barrel of the indicator post
    ● Cut the stem to the required length and adjust the standpipe to match uo the the GROUND LINE
    ● Set the OPEN and Shut targets for the appropriate valve size
    ● Re-attach the top section of the upper barrel of the indicator post


No. Part Name Material

Qingdao I-Flow Co., Ltd

1 Locking Wrench ASTM A536 65-45-12
2 Snap Ring ANSI 304
3 Top Section ASTM A126B
4 Housing ASTM A126B
5 Window Gland ASTM A36
6 Target ASTM S12A
7 Plug ANSI 1035
8 Standpipe ASTM A36
9 Base Flange ASTM A126B
10 Stem 1" Square ANSI 1045
11 Cotter Pin ANSI 1035
12 Crane Coupling ASTM A126B
13 Hex Nut ANSI 1035
14 Hex Nut ANSI 1035
15 Hex Nut ANSI 1035
16 Operating Nut ANSI 304
17 Gasket EPDM
18 Window Glass Origanic Glass


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