Water Control Valve Application Examples

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Water Control Valve Application Examples

A: Pressure Reducing Valve, Reduces pressure to a distribution system when gravity fed from a source with a relatively high elevation.

B: Pressure Reducing Valve,Reduces pressure in an irrigation system.

C: Pressure Reducing Valve,Maintains a preset upstream pressure and a preset downstream pressure reduction.

D: Pressure Reducing Valve, Reduces pressure to a low pressure zone when the pump discharge is too high.

E: Back Pressure Valve,Prevents over pumping of both deep well and booster pumps if the system demand exceeds the pumping capacity.

F: Pressure Reducing Valve,Guarantees maintenance of sufficient upstream pressure when supplying water to a low pressure zone.

G: Back Pressure Valve,Prevents a pump from lowering its suction pressure below a desired safe operating minimum.

H: Constant Differential Pressure,Maintains a constant differential pressure across a pump to maintain a constant flow rate.

|: Back Pressure Valve, Protects the system against accidental over pressures (caused by a failure of the control valve C100. stop valve closing too quickly).

J: Altitude valve, Double action altitude valve allowing filling of the tank and emptying back to the supply.

K: Float Valve, Controls the level of the tank by means of float regulation and allows distribution to the village.

L: Water- Hammer Arrestor, Protects the pump station against surges due to start up, shut down and power failure.

MN: Electric Pump Protection, Eliminates pressure fluctuations when pump starts and shuts down.

O:Flow Limiter, Controls flow rate to the factory.

P: Back Pressure Valve, ON/OF Electrically Controlled, Allows flow between two distribution systems (example : feeding a water storage tank for peak distribution time).

Q: Air Release Valve, Allows the release of air in excess in clear water piping systems.

R: Water-Hammer Arrestor , Absorbs water hammering.


S: Air Release Valve, Allows the release of air in excess in waste water systems.

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