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A. The purpose of pneumatic control valve:  Used with positioners, it can achieve proportional adjustments.Its V-type valve disc suits for various situations, with high rated flow,good tightness, flexible adjustment performance,while occupies less space. The pneumatic control valve can be installed vertically and is suitable for a lot of medium, including gas, steam, liquid etc.

B. Features: It has an angle type structure, and is composed of a V-type valve body, a pneumatic actuator, a positioner and other accessories.Its flow characteristic can achieve approximately equal percentage. Adopting the double bearing structure, it gets more advantages: a small starting torque, excellent flexibility and quick response.

C. The pneumatic piston actuator adopts compressed air as the power source, and the movement of the piston drives the hinge to rotate 90 degrees,so that the valve can be opened and closed automatically. Its components are: adjusting bolt, actuator box, hinge, cylinder, shaft, piston, connecting rod, universal spindle.

D. The working principle: the pneumatic control valve is composed of an actuator and an operating system.The actuator is the power unit, it pushes the operating system to move according to the pressure of the control signal received.The valve body is the operating system, which holds the medium and regulate the flow of the fluid.

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