Current Market Situation of Cast Iron Valve

The application field of cast iron valve can be divided into 8 aspects: Waste Water Supply Pipe, building water supply pipe, building drainage pipe, buried drainage pipe, gas transmission pipe, electrical casing, agricultural pipe, industrial pipe and so on. The development of building water supply and drainage pipe is the fastest, the development of building water supply and drainage pipe is better, and the development of underground water drainage pipe and gas transmission pipe is far behind that of foreign countries.

However, the development of cast iron valves and other pipe materials in China is relatively backward. According to the related expert theory, the reasonable ratio of pipe and fitting for construction should be 8:1, but according to the statistic data in 1998, the production capacity ratio of cast iron pipe and fitting for construction in China is about 20:1. The production capacity of cast iron pipe fittings has decreased slightly in recent years, but it is still unbalanced. Most of the producers of cast iron pipe fittings are small enterprises and few are large or medium-sized enterprises.

In the Engineering airport industry, the gap between domestic and foreign is mainly reflected in the technical level of basic components. Therefore, to revitalize the development of the construction machinery industry, we should base our efforts on upgrading the technical level of the basic components, increase the level of technological innovation, and supplement it with policy support, so that we can fundamentally upgrade the technical level Realize the development of the industry.

The market demand for cast iron valve products mainly stems from two aspects: first, the use with cast iron pipe; second, the use of cast iron valve, durability, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance is not very ideal, but also has a light quality, high processing efficiency and other unique advantages. Abroad, cast iron valves have been widely used in chemical industry, medicine, food processing, indoor and outdoor water supply and drainage, mechanical and electrical products, agriculture and other fields. It can be expected that the cast iron valve products with high quality, performance and price have great market potential in China. Even after China's entry into WTO, they are also good products to compete in the international market.

In response to the different needs of customers, the development of comprehensive solutions to provide convenience to customers, but also played a horizontal integration of the scale advantage, so that a variety of products to share intangible asset, to expand the visibility of enterprises, in order to form barriers to new entrants in the industry, reduce the pressure of competition, and obtain a larger profit space; through diversification, especially horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions, can reduce competitors, increase market share, improve market monopoly, make the enterprise obtain synergy effect.

In order to encourage the support of environmental protection cause, to ensure the need for environmental protection funds, countries take different quick-impact approach. For example, Europe receives funding from the World Wildlife Fund for Research and development of tetrachloroethene alternatives, and some countries levy a special environmental tax on tetrachloroethene sales, which are used to treat tetrachloroethene waste.